A-ADS Crypto Advertising Network for Publishers

A-ADS Crypto Advertising Network for Publishers

A-ADS (former Anonymous Ads) is the oldest crypto advertising network on the Internet. A-ADS started in 2011 and it is among the first to trade traffic for cryptocurrency. You can earn cryptocurrency or promote your business with A-ADS while remaining anonymous. It is mainly a CPM ad network. But it also works in CPA and CPC model.
Top 10 Best Premium Blogger Template for Free

Top 10 Best Premium Blogger Template for Free

Blogger Template for Free
Do you have a blog on Blogger and want a blogger template for free for your blog. In this article, we have collected some really nice and professional-looking templates for your Blogger blog that you can use for free. These templates don't just look premium but also these templates are SEO friendly.

Top Free Blogger Templates in 2024

These are the 10 best free templates for Blogger blogs. I picked these free templates because they look great, are good for getting people to find your blog online, and have other helpful features. These free templates are BtBlogger, Jettheme Blog, Litespot, SEOPro, Pinktong, Supermag, Galaxy, Air Flex, Basel and Pixy Newspaper 11.

BtBlogger Template

Blogger Template for Free
BtBlogger is a blogger template that we developed. It looks really professional and nice. BtBlogger template has two versions - one is completely free, and one is a paid premium version with more features. BtBlogger is designed for fast loading speed and it is also AdSense-friendly.

This template has drop-down menu, automatic table of contents feature, newsletter subscription feature, Disqus comments feature, code-box feature, blockquote feature, custom error page, dropcaps, multiple social site share options, Back to top button, beautiful typography, show author profile options. And most importantly this template has both breadcrumb schema and sitelinks-search-box schema snippets. 

This template is also mobile responsive. This template has a very high performance in google page speed insights. We have ranked blogger websites in past with this template. So you don't need to worry about anything.

If you want to use the free BtBlogger template, or if you want to buy the premium paid version from us, just reach out and contact us. This template is responsive and SEO oprimized. The template you see on our website right now is the BtBlogger template. So you can check it out and see how it looks and works.

Jettheme Blog Template

Blogger Template for Free
Jettheme blog is another best premium looking blogger template that you can get for free. This free blogger template is fully responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring your blog looks great on any device. It has automatic table of contents feature. Moreover, this free blogger template is SEO-optimized, giving you a better chance to rank high on Google.

Jettheme offers a built-in dark and light theme. This free blogger template has beautiful typography, stylish blockquote designs, custom code boxes, breadcrumbs schema, and a custom copyright option. It also includes newsletter subscription widget and a custom contact form .

Jettheme has an automatic "you may also like" widget in your posts, encouraging readers to explore more of your content. This free blogger template is known for it's fast loading speed and fully responsive design for mobiles. 

LiteSpot Blogger Template

Blogger Template for Free
LiteSpot is a professional and SEO-friendly Blogger template. It’s designed for creating news sites, magazines, newspapers, and similar niches. LiteSpot is developed using the latest SEO technologies, it ensures super-fast loading and responsiveness.

If you’re starting a technology blog, LiteSpot is an excellent choice. LiteSpot is also compatible with Google AdSense. This template offers various ad placement options, including header ads, display ads, and footer ads.

LiteSpot comes with a dark mode feature for those who prefer a different look. Overall, it’s a simple, elegant, and customizable template and perfect for news-focused and tech blog sites.

Galaxy Blogger Template

Blogger Template for Free
Galaxy blogger template is a free blogger template that is almost identical to the LiteSpot blogger template. The only difference between Galaxy and LiteSpot is that Galaxy has a faster loading speed compared to LiteSpot. 

Both Galaxy and LiteSpot have a professional appearance and can be used for any blog niche. These templates share similar features, design, and functionality.

Basel Blogger Template

Blogger Template for Free
Basel is a free blogger template with clean design and precision. If you are looking for a free blogger template with minimalistic, elegant, and well-organized design then you can go for Basel. Basel is suitable for suitable for fashion blogs, lifestyle content, or creative portfolios.

Pixy Newspaper 11 Blogger Template

Blogger Template for Free
Pixy 11 is a free, newspaper-style blogger template, it’s optimized for news articles, editorials, and current affairs. It has features like multiple columns, article grids, and intuitive navigation. If you’re running a news-focused blog, Pixy Newspaper 11 could be a great choice for you.

Supermag Blogger Template

Blogger Template for Free
Supermag is a free magazine style blogger template with lots of features. Supermag is perfect for online magazines, news portals, and editorial websites. Supermag has multiple layout options. Supermag makes it easy to read the content on the website and looks visually appealing. This makes Supermag a good choice for websites with a lot of text and articles.

SEOPro Blogger Template

Blogger Template for Free
SEOPro is a fully SEO optimized free blogger template for multi niche blogs. This template looks similar to generatepress WordPress theme. This template is fast loading, responsive and AdSense friendly. It has all the features a professional blogger template should have.

SEOPro has a fully responsive design and mobile friendly user interface. Also, this template is optimized for Search Engines.

Pinktong Blogger Template

Blogger Template for Free
Pinktong is another free blogger template. Pinktong has professional layouts, It has professional looking layouts. Pinktong has pretty color designs that look nice. Pinktong looks very professional, like a WordPress website theme. Pinktong has structured SEO layouts. 

Pinktong allows you to put ads inside your articles and posts. Pinktong has structured SEO schemas. You can create any magazine, news, tech niche blog with Pinktong. 

Air Flex Blogger Template

Blogger Template for Free
Air Flex is free blogger template with smooth design and layout. It could be suitable for various niches, allowing you to customize layouts and widgets. Air Flex has responsive layout and SEO optimized structure. Air Flex is a great for those who are looking for multiniche blogger template for Free.

Key Features to Look for in Free Blogger Templates 

Features that you should look for in free blogger templates are,
  • Responsive or not
  • SEO optimized or not
  • AdSense friendly or not
  • Has professional lay out or not
  • Fast loading speed
  • Professional look

Why Choose Free Blogger Templates

Free blogger template are a great option for people who are starting their blogs. You don't have to pay anything for free blogger templates. You are getting all premium features like table of contents, professional layouts and other SEO features and schema. Why pay when you are getting premium features for free in blogger templates.


Are there templates in Blogger?
Yes there are many templates in blogger

How do I add a free template to Blogger?
You can download a free template then add your free template in the theme section by editing your theme source code.

How do I download a Blogger template?
You can download blogger template from template developer's website.

Which is the best theme for Blogger?
BtBlogger is the best theme for Blogger.

Top 10 Best Free Professional Templates for Blogger Blog

Top 10 Best Free Professional Templates for Blogger Blog

Top 10 Best Free Professional Templates for Blogger Blog
In this post I have listed 10 best free professional blogger templates. If you are looking for free professional templates for blogger blog, then you are in right place. All of these templates that I will mention in this article are professional looking, SEO-friendly and responsive. 
How Bloggers Earn Money - Ways Bloggers Can Make Money

How Bloggers Earn Money - Ways Bloggers Can Make Money

How Bloggers Earn Money - Ways Bloggers Can Make Money
I'm Ayman Ahmed here, and today I'm explain a interesting topic, I bet, pretty intriguing for many of you out there: how bloggers earn money. Have you wonder how bloggers make money from their blogger sites, or how you can make money with blogger.com. If you want to learn more about making money with blogger then this article is for you.